Their recent release UNDER A HEAVY SKY embodies The Long War’s sonic exploration and highlights their unique propensity to experiment with instruments, effects while striving to create a “whole” album from beginning to end. It’s undeniably cinematic sound is what draws the imagination in and keeps it there until the final note is played. The record is a testament to collaboration and a statement of what is possible when one of Jarrett’s songs reaches the imagination of the rest of this band. From their inception in 2016 to now, the band continues to push the boundaries of what is possible when all five members step into the studio. Known not only for utilizing four part harmonies, it is the powerful song writing, honest lyrics and unique storytelling that burn into memory. With lasting hooks and melodies, The Long War continues to carve out a corner in Canada's music scene and their new album UNDER A HEAVY SKY is just that - an album. From front to back, it stands out not only by virtue of its catchy, interesting focus tracks - but it lives wholly as one. It belongs together and feels welcome in a time where one yearns for stories of togetherness and experiences to be told, and shared fully.

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The Long War Album Release Show

The Fox Cabaret

Oct 22 

7pm PST



The Long War is a shared battle story between five people who have each fought to actualize their dream of becoming musicians. They are a shared belief, proof that the journey is worth the war. 


Singer / songwriter Jarrett Lee’s songs are autobiographical tales reflecting landscapes and places that have inspired him and people come and gone.  “I see the world as a collage of moving pictures and so I try to write and produce songs that capture the cinematic essence of life.” Building out from this Chad Gilmour, Jess Lee, Neil Williamson and Jonny Battistuzzi provide support in musical, vocal arrangements.  With lasting hooks and strong melodies their sophomore release UNDER A HEAVY SKY is sonically visual, lyrically cathartic and deeply personal speaking to those who have loved and lost. 


Formed in Vancouver in 2016, The Long War won the 2017 CBC Searchlight Contest and have been featured on CBC First Play, Q with Tom Power and Canadian Musician Magazine. They’ve toured Canada performing at the CBC Music Festival in Toronto, Banff Performance In The Park and reopened Ottawa’s National Arts Centre for Canada’s 150 Celebrations and the Break Out West stage at Folk Alliance International in Montreal.