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2017 CBC Searchlight winners The Long War is a Vancouver based Indie Band where singer/songwriter Jarrett Lee works together with vocalist/guitarist Chad Gilmour, vocalist/keyboardist Jess Lee, vocalist/drummer Neil Williamson, and bassist Carson Webber to create a dynamic sound that ranges from Folk to Rock. Lee’s inspiration can largely be attributed to the landscapes and environments that have influenced him throughout his life. Building out from this foundation Gilmour and Williamson provide vocal support through their harmonies bringing Lee’s lyrical imagery to life, which defines the music of The Long War.

we are the long war

Jarrett has been writing, performing and recording music from he time he was a kid.  While studying Film and Journalism at Carleton University in Ottawa he began playing live as a solo artist in venues across the city for a span of almost 10 years.  Original compositions followed soon after and the Grand Motel project headed a list of other groups that he was involved in.  Eventually he would head west only to find a vital music community and some old friends that were excited to focus in on the inspirations of the coast and the resulting musical journey that is uniquely characteristic of The Long War 

Singer / Songwriter


Art Director

Music entered Chad's life at an early age and it has remained a constant throughout his travels.  Blessed or cursed by an all too active mind, writing and singing songs has often been a cathartic practice for him.  Chad is a stoic song writer finding reprieve in his words and melodies with the intention to promote connection and galvanize the human experience through his music.

Vocalist / Guitarist


Art Director

Jessica is an accomplished player of multiple instruments and began piano, vocal, flute and saxophone studies at an early age. A love for jazz lead to her studying music in Vancouver at Capilano University and soon after UBC.  Jessica has played and taught music in Australia, added the ukulele to her arsenal and began writing and performing original compositions in the last few years collaborating with various artists. 

Vocalist / Keyboards


Art Director

Neil started drumming at the age of 14. Growing up and gigging in his hometown of Edinburgh, Scotland, he soon became a recognizable figure in the local music scene.  At the age of 25 he packed a bagged and his guitar and headed west to Vancouver, where he joined the ever expanding open mic scene.  After 7 years of  performing as a singer/songwriter, Neil has returned to his first love, the drum kit, joining The Long War in March of 2016. 

Vocalist / Drummer


Art Director

With over 20 years of performance and studio work under his belt, Carson Webber is a seasoned professional bass player.  Studying Jazz bass at Selkirk College as well as Classical upright bass at Capitano University gave him a wide skill set.  From large festivals to high end recording studios there aren't many things musically he can't handle.



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