JUNE 26, 2020

UNDER A HEAVY SKY lyrically is an autobiographical exploration with elements
of imagination and fiction to help tell a story of love lost.  They are songs of
heartbreak, examining a relationship doomed to fail. As the singer reconciles the
theological differences that plagued his relationship from its beginning, he
wrestles with the emptiness that consumes him in its end. Building out from this
foundation of storytelling Chad, Jess, Neil and Jonny provide support in beautiful
musical and vocal arrangements bringing Jarrett’s lyrical imagery to life, defining
the music of The Long War. With a wide variety of inspirations, the band takes it
cue’s from acts like Dawes, Joel Plaskett, Wilco, Fast Romantics, Noah
Gundersen, Hiss Golden Messenger, Big Thief, Lord Huron and Damien Jurado
while nodding to some of the greats such as Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, The
Band and Jeff Buckley.

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