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Emerging Canadian Indie Band The Long War | Top 10 Tips To Growing Closer & Stronger As A Band

Since winning the 2017 CBC Searchlight competition, our goals as a band have become more real and so has the work. There have been ups and downs, moments of being tested, trials and tribulations, but we have managed to get through things so far. With experiences we have faced, we wanted to share a few tidbits in hopes our fellow bands find their own journey of growth as a tight core of artists. We have compiled a list that holds true to us all and hope you get something from it! Enjoy!

The Long War Tip #1 - Be a Band That Engages With Community To be a solid music band, engage in a solid community of artists who support each other and leave competition aside. Lift those up around you and be surrounded by those who lift you up.

The Long War Tip #2 - Be A Band That Is Open To Explore Growth Constantly explore ways to grow your sound as a band and be open to trying out new concepts. We are a Vancouver-based Canadian indie band writing songs that stem from life as we know it, and as time progresses we are expanding and learning a lot from our travels, living and personal experiences.

The Long War Tip #3 - Be A Band That Writes Songs From Its Purest Form A song should be able to convey a message and provoke emotion effectively, if not more, when played in its simplest, purest most stripped down acoustic form. Be a band that truly is about the music first.

The Long War Tip #4 - Be Honest With Your Audience. You can’t and should never want to fool the audience. We are a Vancouver-based Canadian indie band proud of where we come from and attempt to showcase this in the songwriting and sharing vulnerability. In return, our listeners have continued to give themselves authentically back to us.

The Long War Tip #5 - Don't Take Performing Live For Granted When you have a band that holds the skills to perform - perform to your fullest! Performing live entails a different skill set than recording in the studio. We have been faced with having to sharpen our skills around touring, giving our all in one-take on stage, balancing staying healthy and rested in order to entertain and engage an audience while staying true to ourselves and to the band as a whole. We learn something from every performance and there is always room for improvement.

The Long War Tip #6 - Know Who You Are As A Band If you think you know who you are as a band, take the extra time to really know it all collectively - your identity, your strengths, weaknesses and hammer it home. It's much harder than you think.

The Long War Tip #7 - The Best Idea In A Room Always Wins. There may be a time and place where ego can be useful, but when it's about making important decisions for the band the ego cannot exist. All members of our indie band put in the effort to push ego aside - always.

The Long War Tip #8 - A Band Is A Business Being a band is a business as much as it is about craft, so know your missions statement, ideals, responsibilities within the group and stick to them. Take care of things with vested interest because it is your passion, your hard work, and your business.

The Long War Tip #9 - Define Success & Aim To Have It Stick Around Whether your goals as a music band are to be lifetime musicians or rock stars, aim for longevity and define success early in the game. This will help the band stay on track and work as a cohesive team for the same common goals.

The Long War Tip # 10 - Patience Is Not A Virtue - It's A Skill. Only after the entire band understands the necessary steps it takes to be the successful band you all visualize, and implement these steps to the best of your ability, does patience seem to come into play. Visualization and goals are important, but we find that executing the work as a cohesive band is even more important. We put in the work together first and when we reach goals, we then take moments to breathe and learn patience - shortly after, we are back to the grind.

The Long War BONUS tip - Genuinely share compassion and respect for your band. Bands are a business, but they are family too. Treat each band mate as so and when the times get tough, and they will, you will have better trust that you will get through it as a part of the journey to success. Being The Long War is most fitting for us, but we find joy in all the moments. Find your groove and go be awesome!

The Long War journey continues everyday and if you would like to keep hearing our tidbits of life, adventures and funny moments...we would love to stay connected! Join The Long War HERE.

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